About Us

A 1930s metal biscuit tin labelled '3 Bears Cottage' and made by MacFarlane Lang of Glasgow and London.

We are Paul and Julia Andrews and 3bc Vintage is the online shop for our business Three Bears Cottage, in operation since 2015.

We sell antiques, collectables and second-hand homeware, jewellery and accessories and we only sell the things that we would like to own ourselves.

We are originally from London, England and are very fortunate to now be living in the beautiful city of Bruges in West Flanders, Belgium.

If you want to ask or tell us anything, you can email us at help@3bcshop.com, or see our contact page.

Paul and Julia Andrews

Bilkske 58
8000 Brugge

BTW \ VAT: BE0762485722

This page was last update 10 September 2023.