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Green and Yellow Perrier Bottle Cap Ashtray

A vintage, ceramic, branded advertising ashtray from the 1970s to 1980s. Made in France for the French mineral water brand Perrier. Second-hand.

Broadcast Gramophone Needles Tin - Loud Tone

A small, vintage, metal gramophone needle tin for the "Broadcast" brand. Second-hand.

Suze Ashtray

A vintage, ceramic, Suze brand advertising ashtray, made in France by Orchies Moulin des Loups, for the French aperitif Suze. Second-hand.

Eclipse Razor Blades Disposal Tin

A small, mid 20th century, British razor blades disposal tin. Second-hand.

Pears Jif Shaving Stick Trial Size Tin

A rare, small sample tin for a shaving stick. Second-hand.

Odeon Gramophone Needle Tin

A small, metal tin with rare, pink graphics from mid 20th Century Germany. Second-hand.

Bohin Gramophone Needle Tin - Tuxedo 200 Fortes

A rare, metal tin with great graphics from one of France's premier manufacturers. Second-hand.

Royal Verkade Biscuit Tin

A large, metal, lithographed biscuit tin from the Netherlands. Second-hand.

Rochdale & Oldham Stoneware Mineral Water Bottle

A Victorian or early 20th century, stoneware mineral water bottle, from northern Britain. Second-hand.

F.J. Reece Pure Botanic Beer Bottle

A stoneware, alcohol-free, botanical beer bottle, from Victorian or early 20th century Wales. Second-hand.

Dark Blue Smith's Potato Crisps Tin

A promotional, British, metal advertising tin for Smith's crisps. Second-hand.

Jahncke Victorian Lacquered Pin Tin

A small, 19th century, branded and lacquered tin for pins. Second-hand.

Sandland Martell Brandy Jug

An unusual item of 1960s, Staffordshire advertising. Second-hand.

Framed Singer's Sewing Machines Pamphlet From 1891

A framed, second-hand, promotional pamphlet from Victorian London. Complete and original in a frame.

Framed J.C. Tissot Horticultural Catalogue from 1920

A framed, second-hand, horticultural catalogue from 1920. Complete and original.