Arc International

A brief history of Arc International

Arc International is a French company known for many brands including Arcopal, a discontinued line of very tough glassware.

  • Founded 1825 in France as Verrerie Cristallerie d’Arques
  • Luminarc® is registered in 1948 for transparent glass
  • Arcopal® is registered in 1958 for opalescent glass
  • Arcoroc® is also registered in 1958 for tempered glass
  • The Cristal d'Arques® brand is launched in 1968
  • Renamed Arc International in 2000
  • In 2006 they acquires Arc International Cookware, makers of Pyrex
  • In 2007 they launch the Chef & Sommelier® brand
  • Arc International Cookware (Pyrex) is sold in 2014

Identification of Arc International glass

The Arcopal maker's mark stamped into a tea cup base

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