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Brugge Kunststad - Vintage Guide Book of Bruges from 1930

An original, second-hand, Dutch language, 1930 guide book for the beautiful, Flemish city of Bruges.

Wooden Vintage Radio Money Box

A small, handmade, wooden money box with original, vintage radio styling. Second-hand.

D Provoost Ghent Green Uranium Glass Siphon

An early to mid 20th century soda siphon from the Flemish part of Belgium, in green uranium or Vaseline glass. Second-hand.

Green Belgian Sliwka Bottle

A green glass bottle, from Belgium. Second-hand.

Brouwer & Co 1930s Belgian Tin

A large, rare, metal butcher's tin from 1930s Belgium. Second-hand.

Café Gomia Belgium Coffee Tin

A mid 20th century coffee tin, branded in French and Dutch, with pop-out side pourer. Second-hand.

Dinant Hammered Copper and Brass Flagon

A handmade, hammered copper and brass flagon from Dinant in Belgium, where copper and brass has been worked since the middle ages. Second-hand.