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Broadcast Loud Tone Gramophone Needle Tin

A vintage, red, metal gramophone needle tin from the "Broadcast" brand. Second-hand.

Bohin Tuxedo 200 Fortes Gramophone Needle Tin

A rare, vintage metal gramophone needle tin from one of France's premier needle manufacturers. Second-hand.

Kodak Pocket No. 1 Camera Series II

An impressive folding camera and accessories, made for use with Eastman Kodak's Autographic 120 film during the 1920s. Second-hand.

Soho Myna All Distance Camera

A fixed aperture, two stop, British, folding camera made for 120 film during the 1930s. Second-hand.

Butler & Wilson Bell Boy Bear Keyring

A smart, teddy bear keyring signed by the well-known, British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Royal Verkade Biscuit Tin

A large, metal, lithographed biscuit tin from the Netherlands. Second-hand.

Brouwer & Co 1930s Belgian Tin

A large, rare, metal butcher's tin from 1930s Belgium. Second-hand.

Art Deco Bakelite Domino Brooch

A striking, Art Deco style brooch incorporating an old Bakelite domino piece. Second-hand.

Butler & Wilson Black Crystal Flower Bracelet

A floral, evening wear bracelet by the well-known British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Swatch "Happy Birthday Tintin" Gents' Watch

A collectable, Tintin-themed Swatch watch, model GZ187, from 2004. New old stock. 90 day warranty.

Swatch "Dada Traces" Unisex Watch

A Dada-themed Swatch watch from 2003, celebrating the birth of the art movement at Zurich's Cabaret Voltaire. Model number GZ184. New old stock. 90 day warranty.

Monet Black and Gold Coloured Choker Necklace

A signed, stylish necklace of articulated, black panels by the American costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Swatch "Goldfinger" Irony Chronograph Watch

A James Bond collection, Swatch chronograph with black leather strap. Model YCG401, from 2002. New old stock. 90 day warranty.

Framed Regal-Zonophone Record Catalogue for 1940-1941

A framed, second-hand record catalogue from 1941. Complete and original in a frame.

Swatch "Coffee Break" Unisex Watch

A multi-coloured stopwatch from 1992. Model number SSK100. Second-hand. 90 day warranty.

Swatch "High Neck" Irony Ladies' Watch

A "High Neck" Swatch Irony ladies' watch from 2016, model YLG130. Second-hand. 90 day warranty

Chrome and Bakelite Desktop Perpetual Calendar

A perpetual desktop calendar in chrome and Bakelite, with a characterful, robot-like face. Second-hand.

Elbief Black Leather Handbag

A black leather handbag by the English maker Elbief. Second hand.

Victorian Blue & Black Round Jug With Pewter Lid

A round lidded jug with hand painted star decoration and sea serpent thumb-lift. Second-hand.

Napier Black Bead Necklace

A signed, gloss-black and gold tone beaded necklace by Napier. Second-hand.

Square Art Deco Pierre Bex Style Earrings

A pair of red, black and gold-coloured earrings in the style of Art Deco revivalist Pierre Bex. Second hand.

Swatch Black Nachtigall Irony Gents' Watch

A black, stainless steel gent's watch with gloss black strap. Second-hand. 90 day warranty.

Jomaz Red and Black Enamelled Earrings

A signed pair of square, red and black enamelled stud earrings by American costume jeweller Jomaz. Second Hand.

Small Black Leather Shoulder Cartridge Bag

A small, black, leather cartridge bag with brown, adjustable, shoulder strap. Second-hand.

Framed Dixit Belting Brochure from 1938

A framed, second-hand Dixit industrial belting brochure from 1938. Complete and original in a frame.

Framed Columbia Record Catalogue for 1932

A framed, second-hand Columbia Record Catalogue for 1932. Complete and original in a frame.

Swatch "Orchester" Gent's Watch

A white dial, "Orchester" men's watch by Swatch, model GB740, from 1999. Second-hand. 90 day warranty.

Framed "Nos Loisirs" with René Prejelan Cover from 1907

A framed, second-hand edition of "Nos Loisirs" from 1907. Complete and original in a frame.

Linda Farrow Rounded Aviator Sunglasses

1980s rounded aviator sunglasses with black frames by Linda Farrow. New old stock.

Ray-Ban USA Bausch & Lomb Ebony Premier Traditionals Style E-1 Sunglasses

American Ray-Bans with black, Premier Traditionals Style E-1 frames and Bausch & Lomb G-15 grey-green glass lenses. New old stock.

Black Enamel Flower Earrings

A pair of black enamel and gold tone, flower-shaped pendant earrings. Second hand.