Blue Glass Apothecary Bottle With Label

An original, blue, glass dye bottle from France. 15cm or 6" tall. Second-hand.
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Vintage, blue glass, French apothecary bottle with original label

This is an original, old, blue, glass apothecary dye bottle from France, with original label.

It's a medium sized bottle holding 300ml. It appears to have been mould-blown; you can just make out the seam lines joining the two halves and the label is inset at the front of the bottle. It was mass produced for storage purposes, so there are many bubbles and imperfections in the glass.

The cork is a good fit, and is missing some chunks of cork. We don't know if the cork is original.

The label reads: "TEINT: SEM: COLCH:" Teint is French for tint or dye, so it was probably intended for textile dye.

Second-hand, collectable, blue glass apothercary bottle

  • Second-hand
  • In very good condition
  • No chips or cracks
  • Many bubbles and imperfections from manufacture
  • Cork is a good fit, but has missing pieces

Dimensions of medium-sized, blue, apothercary bottle

  • 15cm high (6 inches)
  • 6cm in diameter (2.5 inches)
  • 213 grams
  • 300ml capacity

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PeriodEarly 20th century (1900-1949)