Blue On Brown Salt Glazed Pot

A small, hand decorated lidded pot in brown and cobalt blue. Second-hand.
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Small hand decorated salt glazed pot

This is a small, lidded, stoneware pot with a salt glaze decoration in cobalt blue over brown.

The decoration is an attractive combination of colours. There are two underlying shades of brown, over which is a pretty pattern of flowers and berries in blue. On either side are two small handles, also edged in blue.

The mottled texture of the glaze comes from the addition of salt and other minerals to the kiln during the firing process, when the higher temperatures are reached.

Pots of this shape are usually intended for preserves and mustard, but this is larger pot and without any aperture for a spoon.

Second-hand, collectable salt glazed pottery

  • Second-hand
  • In very good condition
  • No chips or cracks

Dimensions of small slat glazed lidded pot

  • 9cm high
  • 12cm in diameter
  • 680 grams

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