Booths Ltd

A brief history of Booths pottery

Booths Ltd were manufacturers of earthenwares at Church Bank Pottery, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent, North Staffordshire.

They operated from 1891 through to 1948:

  • 1842 The Church Bank Works were built by Robert Beswick
  • 1860 The works were then taken over by Beech and Hancock
  • 1862 Eardley and Hammersley took over the works
  • 1864 Evans and Booth commenced business at the Knowles Works, Burslem
  • 1868 Ralph Hammersley alone operated the Church Bank Works
  • 1868 Evans and Booth became Thomas Booth and Co.
  • 1870 Thomas Booth and Co were at Church Bank Works
  • 1872 Thomas Booth and Co became Thomas Booth and Son.
  • 1891 The name on the pottery became Booths
  • 1898 The company took limited status and continued as such until the 1940s.

Identification of Booths pottery

The Booth's maker's mark on a Real Old Willow tea cup
The Booth's maker's mark on a Real Old Willow tea cup
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Real Old Willow Cup, Saucer and Plate Trio

A trio of teacup, saucer and plate by Booths Ltd from their "Real Old Willow" pattern. Second-hand.