Broadcast Loud Tone Gramophone Needle Tin

A vintage, red, metal gramophone needle tin from the "Broadcast" brand. Second-hand.
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A vintage "Broadcast - Loud Tone" gramophone needles tin

This is a gramophone needle tin for the "Broadcast" brand. On the front is their distinctive logo: the planet Earth, with a lightning bolt running through it, over a bright red background, with black lettering, edged in gold.

This tin is for their Loud tone needles. It has a hinged lid and would normally contain about 200 needles. This example still has the paper insert and some of the needles.

The Broadcast Records brand was made in England, in the United Kingdom. They also produced gramophone records from the late 1920s to mid 1930s, so these needles are probably from that period. The parent company went into liquidation in 1932 and the brand had disappeared by 1934.

More information on the Broadcast Records label here:

Second-hand collectable "Broadcast" gramophone needle tin

  • Second-hand
  • In fair to good condition
  • The graphics are clear and bright
  • There are many areas of wear on the sides and edges
  • The wire hinge is intact and the lid is a very tight fit
  • The inside of the lid has many scratches
  • The needles appear unused and are generally free of rust
  • The paper insert is intact and the print is crisp and clear

Dimensions of Broadcast gramophone needle tin

  • 1.5cm high
  • 3cm width
  • 4cm length
  • 21 grams

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