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Cinque Ports Green and Brown Coffee Pot with Cups and Saucers

A coffee pot with two cups and saucers from the Cinque Ports Pottery in Rye. Second-hand.

David Mildenhall Studio Pottery Teapot

A medium-size, handmade, studio pottery stoneware teapot with sunken lid. Second-hand.

David Pritchard Edinbane Pottery Teapot

A fairly small, handmade, stoneware teapot from the Isle of Skye pottery. A nice piece of vintage 1980s studio pottery. Second-hand.

Scheurich Green & Brown Striped Lava Vase

A medium-sized, hand decorated, striped vase from 1970s West Germany. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Salt Glazed Lidded Jar

A beautifully made, salt glazed jar with lid, in graduated shades of brown and green. Second-hand.

Hailwood's Dairy Manchester Small Cream Pot

A small, stoneware dairy cream pot with a brown glazed top, from early 20th century Britain. Second-hand.

Calendox Major Bakelite Punch Magazine Desk Calendar

A 1930s, brown, British, Bakelite, promotional perpetual calendar. Second-hand.

Handmade Studio Pottery Striped Cat Teapot

A large, handmade, stoneware teapot with a happy cat on one side and signed by the artist. Second-hand.

Scheurich Large Banded Lava Glaze Vase

A large, hand decorated, striped vase from 1970s West Germany. Second-hand.

Rototherm Brown Bakelite Dual Scale Desk Thermometer

A mid-20th century desktop thermometer in brown, with readings in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Second-hand.

Pale Green Studio Pottery Stoneware Teapot

A medium-size, handmade, stoneware teapot in celadon green. Second-hand.

Murano Glass Brown and Amber Coloured Rope Length Necklace

A rope-length, brown and amber-coloured, Murano glass necklace. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Salt Glazed Milk Jug

A medium sized, blue, green and brown, salt-glazed jug with curled handle, by the collectable British potter. Second-hand.

Art Deco Chrome Plated Perpetual Calendar

A stylish, octagonal, desktop perpetual calendar in chrome plated metal and Bakelite. Second-hand.

Jasba Keramik 1960s Hand Decorated Vase

A small, hand decorated vase from 1960s West Germany. Second-hand.

Chris Carter Brown Spiral Glaze Vase

A British studio pottery vase with spiral decoration in browns and creams. Second-hand.

Fosters Pottery Brown Honeycomb Drip Glaze Teapot

A distinctive, high gloss, drip glaze teapot by Fosters Pottery of Redruth, Cornwall. Second-hand.

Dümler and Breiden Striped Earth Tone Vase

A medium-sized vase by the German manufacturer with beautifully-glazed, horizontal stripes. Second-hand.

Denby Burlington Rainbow Skittle Vase

A multi-coloured, stoneware vase from the Burlington range, designed by Albert Colledge in 1958. Second-hand.

Handmade Studio Pottery Flagon

A large, handmade, stoneware bottle or flagon, with rich brown glaze and signed by the artist. Second-hand.

Quantock Pottery Sun Design Vase

A handmade, cylindrical vase by Quantock Design pottery. Second-hand.

Large Ricard Water Jug

A large, stoneware, promotional water jug for the French pastis brand Ricard. Second-hand.

Dennis Townsend Iden Pottery Vase

A hand decorated vase by the English potter Dennis Townsend. Second-hand.

Blue On Brown Salt Glazed Pot

A small, hand decorated lidded pot in brown and cobalt blue. Second-hand.

Swatch "Goldeneye" Skin Chronograph Watch

A lightweight, James Bond collection, Swatch chronograph with thin, brown leather strap. Model SUYB102, from 2002. New old stock. 90 day warranty.

Blue Green Studio Pottery Teapot

A large, handmade, stoneware teapot with banded body. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Salt & Pepper Pots

Signed, salt-glazed salt & pepper pots by the renowned British potter. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Salt Glazed Teapot

A signed, blue and brown, salt glazed teapot with bamboo handle. Second-hand.

Jennie Gilbert Mishima Jug

A beautifully decorated pitcher using Japanese and Korean slipware techniques. Second-hand.

Dümler and Breiden Striped Vase

A medium-sized vase by the German company with a grooved pattern of horizontal lines. Second-hand.

Paul Metcalfe Round Bud Vase

A round, brown and cream bud vase by studio potter Paul Metcalfe. Second-hand.

Bob Dawe Cylinder Vase

A 1960s, handmade, cylindrical vase by Bob Dawe at his Red Barn studio. Second-hand.

Wellhouse Pottery Oil & Vinegar Jug

A handmade, brown-over-grey vinegar or oil pourer. Second-hand.

Ian Gregory Salt Glazed Watering Can

A blue and brown, salt glazed watering can by ceramic artist Ian Gregory. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Green Salt Glazed Leaning Jar

A leaning, apple green, jar with lid and curled handle. Second-hand.

George Davidson Amber Cloud Glass Pattern 9421 Plate

An 11 inch plate from George Davidson's amber Cloud Glass range. Second hand.

Large Leather Saddle Bag

A leather shoulder bag with separate compartments, briefcase handle and adjustable shoulder strap. Second-hand.

Small Brown French Leather Shoulder Bag

A leather bag from Paris, with multiple compartments, briefcase handle and shoulder strap. Second-hand.

Miu Miu Tortoiseshell Cats Eye Sunglasses

A pair of Miuccia Prada's tortoiseshell, graduated ladies' cat's eye sunglasses. Second-hand.

Caramel Lampwork Glass Pendant

A caramel-coloured lampwork glass pendant in the style of Murano glasswork. New.

Conwy Pottery Striped Bud Vase

A brown and cream striped vase by Conwy Pottery. Second-hand.

Cinque Ports Brown Leaf Design Oval Platter

An oval platter from the Cinque Ports Pottery in Rye. Second-hand.

Slipware Studio Pottery Shallow Pie Dish

A shallow, hand-made, earthenware pie dish with dragged, slip decoration. Second-hand.