Cameras, Binoculars & Opera Glasses

Our shop "3bc Vintage" offers this unique selection of antique and vintage cameras, binoculars, field glasses and opera glasses.

We have small and pocket-sized binoculars as used for sports days, track days and operas, some made in Bakelite or other early plastics.

Our cameras are selected for their display qualities, though many still work.

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Kodak Pocket No. 1 Camera Series II

An impressive folding camera and accessories, made for use with Eastman Kodak's Autographic 120 film during the 1920s. Second-hand.

Soho Myna All Distance Camera

A fixed aperture, two stop, British, folding camera made for 120 film during the 1930s. Second-hand.

ESL Black Bakelite Field Binoculars

A small pair of field or racing binoculars by British company ESL. Second-hand.

Compact Folding Pocket Binoculars

A pair of Japanese, compact, pocket-size folding binoculars made by King. Second-hand.

Edwardian Field Glasses and Case

A small, Edwardian pair of field binoculars in their original, inscribed case. Second-hand.