Our shop "3bc Vintage" has this unique selection of antique and second-hand, collectable ornamental candlesticks, candelabras and chambersticks for sale.

  • We stock¬†many styles and periods: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Secessionist, Jugendstil, Modernist, mid 20th century, the 1960s, the 1970s and later.

  • We¬†stock Sterling silver and silver plate candlesticks & candelabras, plus metal lanterns, candle holders and chamber sticks in copper, pewter and brass.

  • Occasionally, we also stock handmade, studio pottery candle holders and candlesticks.
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Keswick School Arts & Crafts Copper Chamberstick

An original, Arts & Crafts, copper chamberstick from the Keswick School of Industrial Art in Britain's Lake District. Second-hand.

Pewter Chamberstick with Owl Match Holder

An Arts and Crafts pewter chamberstick depicting an owl and a leaf. Second-hand.

Hand Beaten Brass Arts & Crafts Candle Holder

A handmade brass candlestick holder or chamber stick with a stylish flourish in the arts and crafts style. Second-hand.

Copper and Brass Spiral Ejector Candlestick

A handmade, ejector candle stick, known as a "rat de cave" or cellar rat, in copper and brass. Second-hand.

Brass Scallop Theatre Footlight

A brass, candle footlight with scallop-shaped reflector. Second-hand.

Henry Loveridge Copper Candlestick Holder

A Victorian, copper candlestick holder made by Henry Loveridge. Second-hand.

Silver Plated Five Light Adams Style Candelabra

A silver plated, five-light, Adams style candelabra. Second-hand.

Handmade Earthenware Candle Holder by Rudi Stahl

A handmade candle holder or chamber stick made by German potter Rudi Stahl. Second-hand.

Sterling Silver Two Light Adams Style Candelabra

An Adams style, Sterling silver, two-light candelabra, hallmarked for London, 1956. Second-hand.