Cosmo Battery Operated Toy Cable Car in Red

A 1960s, battery operated toy cable car from Hong Kong. New-old-Stock.
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What's for sale?

This is a battery-operated, red, plastic toy cable car. It was made by the Cosmo toy company of Hong Kong and appears to be modelled on a suspension railway car, rather than a mountain climbing car. Two versions were available, in red and green. It comes in its original box with instructions.

It is a very simple design in red, black and silver-coloured plastic. Silhouettes of the drivers and passengers are printed on a paper background which is fixed behind the windows.

Inside is the battery compartment which takes two type 'D' batteries to power a motor and a headlight at each end. A protruding switch at the front is used to control the motor and change the car's direction. The motor is meant to move the car along the supplied cord, which they have shown fixed between two trees.

We have tested that the motor and lights work but we have not tried it on the cable, and we cannot confirm that it is fully operational. You should consider it as a display piece only.

The passenger compartment is not normally illuminated from behind. However, we've seen toys like this used as ceiling decorations and they also look great at Christmas hanging up and illuminated from the inside by battery-powered LEDs. So we are including some LEDs to get you started.

This is new-old-stock, which means that while it is old and the packaging may be worn, it has not been retailed to the public.

Who made it and when?

It was probably made during the 1960s or perhaps the 1970s. The maker's mark on the battery cover reads:

  • NO. 9991
  • 1044110/65

What condition is it in?

  • New-old-stock (old retail stock that has never retailed)
  • In very good, unused condition
  • The box is worn on the edges and creased slightly
  • The instruction sheet is present and is creased
  • The switch, the motor and the two lights at each end work
  • We haven't tested the motor on the cable, so we can't confirm that it is fully operational
  • It is sold as an item for display and not as a working toy

What are the measurements?

  • 22cm long
  • 4cm wide
  • 4.5cm high
  • 281 grams including the packaging

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