Bangles & Bracelets

For sale here is our unique selection of vintage costume jewellery bangles and bracelets from the American companies Coro, Kramer, Jomaz, Lisner, Monet, Trifari and Weiss, and also contemporary costume jewellery bangles and bracelets from such as Butler and Wilson and Swarovski.

Costume jewellery is desirable, collectable and beautiful. Less expensive than fine jewellery, costume jewellery designs are still able to bring glamour and panache to the wearer.

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Silver Red Rose of Lancashire Charm

This is a small, Sterling silver and enamel charm depicting the red rose of Lancashire. Second-hand.

Silver Cotton Reel, Needle & Thimble Charm

This is a tiny bracelet or pendant charm, comprising separate needle, cotton reel and thimble attached to a ring. Second-hand.

Black Enamel and Crystal Treasure Chest Charm

This is a small, white metal and black enamel charm with working lid that opens to reveal the treasure inside. Second-hand.

Silver Beer Tankard Charm

A little silver charm with opening lid. A perfect gift for a beer lover. Second-hand.

Carriage Clock Charm

This is a sweet little bracelet or pendant charm, depicting a carriage clock on a silver base, inside a silver-topped, glass dome. Second-hand.

Weiss White Enamel & Yellow Lucite Daisy Brooch

A pretty, signed, floral brooch with enamelled petals and leaf. Second-hand.

Murano Glass Multi-Coloured Lampwork Bracelet

A beautiful, handmade, multi-coloured, glass bracelet. Second-hand.

Turquoise and Aurora Borealis Crystal Bracelet

An eye-catching, white metal bracelet of articulated, diamond-shaped panels. Second-hand.

Chalcedony Quartz Beaded Bracelet

A beautiful, signed beaded bracelet with a crystal-set centerpiece. Second-hand.

Butler & Wilson Blue Crystal Flower Bracelet

A large, multi-strand, floral bracelet in shades of blue, by the well-known British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Butler & Wilson Multi Coloured Crystal Flower Bracelet

A floral bracelet in shades of mauve, violet and blue, by the well-known British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Monet Green Basse Taille Bangle

A signed, green and gold tone, basse taille bangle from Monet. Second-hand.

Crown Trifari Leaves & Berries Bracelet

A luxurious-looking, gold-coloured, bracelet of leaves and berries, signed by Trifari. Second-hand.

Butler & Wilson Black Crystal Flower Bracelet

A floral, evening wear bracelet by the well-known British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Pierre Cardin Five Bar Necklace and Bracelet Set

A signed, gold-plated necklace and bracelet set. Second-hand.

Coro Turquoise Blue Lucite Bracelet

A signed, pale blue and gold leaf, articulated bracelet. Second-hand.

Red Murano Glass Millefiori Beaded Bracelet

A bead bracelet comprising pebbles of encapsulated glass flowers. Second-hand.

Weiss Green Floral Tennis Bracelet

A signed, green floral bracelet with enamel leaves and multicoloured crystals. Second-hand.

Kramer Silver & Gold Tone Bracelet

An signed, two tone bracelet by Kramer of New York. Second-hand.

Crown Trifari Leaf Bracelet

A luxurious, signed, gold tone, bracelet of leaves and fruits, by Trifari. Second-hand.

Napier Leaf Bracelet

A signed, gold tone bracelet of leaves and fruits, by Napier. Second-hand.

Coro Linked Bow Bracelet

A signed, articulated, silver tone bracelet of bows and ribbons by Coro. Second-hand.

Coro Leaf Bracelet

A signed bracelet of articulated, silver tone leaves by Coro. Second-hand.

Blue Basse Taille Enamel Bangle

A hinged bangle with blue enamel basse taille panels. Second-hand.

Green Basse Taille Enamel Bangle

A hinged bangle or bracelet with green, basse taille enamel panels. Second-hand.

Crown Trifari Textured Bangle

A signed, slender, hinged bangle by Trifari with a low sheen, textured, gold-tone finish. Second-hand.

Bronze Bangle With Floral Design

A bronze bangle decorated with a floral design. Second-hand.

Cachet London Swarovski Crystal Bangle

A contemporary, Swarovski crystal bangle design by Cachet London. Second-hand.

Diamante Bracelet

A silver tone, diamante costume bracelet. Second-hand.