Bangles & Bracelets

Our shop "3bc Vintage" offers this unique selection of second-hand, vintage costume jewellery bangles and bracelets.

  • Our vintage costume jewellery includes the American classics like CoroKramerJomazLisnerMonet, NapierTrifari and Weiss.

  • Our contemporary costume jewellery includes Butler & WilsonSwarovski and others.

  • We also stock vintage silver and Sterling silver charms, for personalising your own bracelet or chain.
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Silver Red Rose of Lancashire Charm

This is a small, Sterling silver and enamel charm depicting the red rose of Lancashire. Second-hand.

Silver Cotton Reel, Needle & Thimble Charm

This is a tiny bracelet or pendant charm, comprising separate needle, cotton reel and thimble attached to a ring. Second-hand.

Black Enamel and Crystal Treasure Chest Charm

This is a small, white metal and black enamel charm with working lid that opens to reveal the treasure inside. Second-hand.

Silver Beer Tankard Charm

A little silver charm with opening lid. A perfect gift for a beer lover. Second-hand.

Carriage Clock Charm

This is a sweet little bracelet or pendant charm, depicting a carriage clock on a silver base, inside a silver-topped, glass dome. Second-hand.

Weiss White Enamel & Yellow Lucite Daisy Brooch

A pretty, signed, floral brooch with enamelled petals and leaf. Second-hand.

Murano Glass Multi-Coloured Lampwork Bracelet

A beautiful, handmade, multi-coloured, glass bracelet. Second-hand.

Turquoise and Aurora Borealis Crystal Bracelet

An eye-catching, white metal bracelet of articulated, diamond-shaped panels. Second-hand.

Chalcedony Quartz Beaded Bracelet

A beautiful, signed beaded bracelet with a crystal-set centerpiece. Second-hand.

Butler & Wilson Blue Crystal Flower Bracelet

A large, multi-strand, floral bracelet in shades of blue, by the well-known British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Butler & Wilson Multi Coloured Crystal Flower Bracelet

A floral bracelet in shades of mauve, violet and blue, by the well-known British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Monet Green Basse Taille Bangle

A signed, green and gold tone, basse taille bangle from Monet. Second-hand.

Crown Trifari Leaves & Berries Bracelet

A luxurious-looking, gold-coloured, bracelet of leaves and berries, signed by Trifari. Second-hand.

Butler & Wilson Black Crystal Flower Bracelet

A floral, evening wear bracelet by the well-known British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Pierre Cardin Five Bar Necklace and Bracelet Set

A signed, gold-plated necklace and bracelet set. Second-hand.

Coro Turquoise Blue Lucite Bracelet

A signed, pale blue and gold leaf, articulated bracelet. Second-hand.

Red Murano Glass Millefiori Beaded Bracelet

A bead bracelet comprising pebbles of encapsulated glass flowers. Second-hand.

Weiss Green Floral Tennis Bracelet

A signed, green floral bracelet with enamel leaves and multicoloured crystals. Second-hand.

Kramer Silver & Gold Tone Bracelet

An signed, two tone bracelet by Kramer of New York. Second-hand.

Crown Trifari Leaf Bracelet

A luxurious, signed, gold tone, bracelet of leaves and fruits, by Trifari. Second-hand.

Napier Leaf Bracelet

A signed, gold tone bracelet of leaves and fruits, by Napier. Second-hand.

Coro Linked Bow Bracelet

A signed, articulated, silver tone bracelet of bows and ribbons by Coro. Second-hand.

Coro Leaf Bracelet

A signed bracelet of articulated, silver tone leaves by Coro. Second-hand.

Blue Basse Taille Enamel Bangle

A hinged bangle with blue enamel basse taille panels. Second-hand.

Green Basse Taille Enamel Bangle

A hinged bangle or bracelet with green, basse taille enamel panels. Second-hand.

Crown Trifari Textured Bangle

A signed, slender, hinged bangle by Trifari with a low sheen, textured, gold-tone finish. Second-hand.

Bronze Bangle With Floral Design

A bronze bangle decorated with a floral design. Second-hand.

Cachet London Swarovski Crystal Bangle

A contemporary, Swarovski crystal bangle design by Cachet London. Second-hand.

Diamante Bracelet

A silver tone, diamante costume bracelet. Second-hand.