David Pritchard Edinbane Pottery Teapot

A fairly small, handmade, stoneware teapot from the Isle of Skye pottery. A nice piece of vintage 1980s studio pottery. Second-hand.
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What's for sale?

This is a fairly small, handmade, stoneware teapot from the Isle of Skye pottery, made by the British potter David Pritchard while there during the 1980s.

It has a very natural look, with earthy browns from pale ochre to dark, almost burnt, patches. Hundreds of dark, reddish brown spots decorate the top and spout.

The lid, with button top, fits perfectly. On the top are two loops through which the bent, cane handle is threaded.

Who made it and when?

The plain base is impressed with the letters "EP", matching that of David Pritchard during his time at the Edinbane Pottery, Isle of Skye, Scotland. He was there between 1980 and 1987, before moving to Gwynedd in Wales.

What condition is it in?

  • Second-hand
  • In excellent condition
  • No chips or cracks
  • No sign of use

What are the measurements?

  • 20.5cm high to top of handle (8 inches)
  • 10.5cm high to top of body (4 inches)
  • 16cm from spout to the opposite side (6.25 inches)
  • 12cm diameter base (4.75 inches)
  • 750ml capacity
  • 723 grams

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