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Hukin and Heath Silver Mounted Glass Decanter

A late Victorian, glass, "glug glug" decanter with double pourer in silver, by John Thomas Heath & John Hartshorne Middleton. Second-hand.

Ollivant & Botsford Silver Mounted Green Trailed Glass Decanter

An Edwardian decorated glass decanter with silver collar by John Heath and John Middleton for Ollivant & Botsford, from 1901. Second-hand.

Victorian Glass Pillar Decanter

A beautifully-shaped, mould-blown, clear glass "Newcastle" decanter with original stopper. Second-hand.

Green Glass Decanter with Twin Spouts

A small, 1920s or 1930s, green glass decanter with pourers on opposite sides. Second-hand.

Art Deco Green Striped Liqueur Set

A distinctively Art Deco glass decanter with a matching set of five large shot or liqueur glasses. Second-hand.

Cobalt Blue Crystal Decanter

A tall, lead crystal decanter with blue overlay glass cut to the clear glass beneath. Second-hand.