Gitanes Blue Glass Ashtray by Opalex

A 1980s vintage. blue glass, Gitanes branded ashtray. Second-hand.
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Vintage 1980s Blue Glass Gitanes Ashtray For Sale

This is a 1980s vintage, pressed, blue glass ashtray for the French cigarette brand Gitanes. It was made in France by Opalex.

Beyond cigarettes, the Gitanes brand has represented France around the world since 1910 and is indeed one of the oldest cigarette brands in France. They take some getting used to.

Gitanes is the French word for gypsies. The original gypsy dancer logo was designed in 1943 by "Molusson", which may refer to the artist A. Molusson, known for the Trouville travel poster of 1937, the 1936 Chemins de fer de l'Est, railway poster of Reims cathedral and the 'Seduction' car radio advertising poster of 1930.

However in 1947, French poster artist Max Ponty simplified the Molusson logo to the solid silhouette that we see here. The text next to the logo "d'après M. Ponty" ('after M. Ponty'), gives credit to his work.

A vintage, second-hand St Raphael ashtray

  • Second-hand
  • In fair to good condition; it's seen some action but the colour still looks beautiful
  • The main white lettering is strong and clear
  • There's a couple of small scratches on the dancers and one "d" (from d'après) is missing its top
  • There are some small small bubbles in the glass
  • There are many nibbles and some small chips around the outside edge of the top
  • Three of the cigarette notches are missing a piece of glass

What are the measurements?

  • 4cm high (1.5 inches)
  • 10.5cm wide (4 inches)
  • 262grams

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