Jugs, Pitchers & Bottles

Our shop "3bc Vintage" has a unique selection of antique and second-hand, collectable ornamental jugs, pitchers, bottles and carafes for sale.

  • Our stock includes many styles and periods: from Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Secessionist, Jugendstil and Modernist, through the mid 20th century, the 1960s, the 1970s and later.

  • We stock early 20th century, German copper and plated wines jugs from WMF and Gebrüder Bing, plus glass jugs, carafes and soda siphons.

  • We stock modern, studio pottery items from talented artists such as Jane Hamlyn, Jennie Gilbert and Ian Gregory.
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Tibetan 19th Century Monk's Cap Copper & Brass Ewer

A large, handmade, copper and brass jug or pitcher. Second-hand.

WMF Art Nouveau Jugendstil Silver Plated Claret Jug

A tall, slim and elegant, lidded claret jug or pitcher from the renowned German manufacturer. Second-hand.

Joseph Sankey & Sons Art Nouveau One & A Half Pint Copper Jug

A handmade, Edwardian copper pitcher from the British manufacturer with their embossed Art Nouveau "Willow" design. Second-hand.

Myott Son & Co Argyle Victorian Green & White Jug

A medium-sized, Staffordshire china jug from Victorian England. Second-hand.

WMF Art Nouveau Jugendstil Copper & Brass Claret Jug

An early 20th century, tall and elegant lidded jug or pitcher from the collectable German manufacturer. Second-hand.

Gebrüder Bing Large Jugendstil Copper & Brass Wine Pitcher

A tall, German Art Nouveau, copper and brass jug with lid, from the early 20th century. Second-hand.

D Provoost Ghent Green Uranium Glass Siphon

An early to mid 20th century soda siphon from the Flemish part of Belgium, in green uranium or Vaseline glass. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton Cobalt Blue Stoneware Jug

A beautiful, bright blue, signed, stoneware jug from the 1920s. Second-hand.

Victorian Brass Hot Water Can

A large, British, brass hot water can from the late 19th or early 20th centuries. Second-hand.

Emerald Green Apa Gazoasa Soda Siphon

A mid 20th Century, green glass soda siphon from Romania. Second-hand.

Victorian Dimpled Green Glass Claret Jug

A handblown, glass jug with clear glass celery handle and large, hollow stopper. Second-hand.

WMF Art Deco Copper and Brass Kettle

An early 20th century, copper and brass kettle by WMF of Germany. Second-hand.

WMF Copper and Brass Art Nouveau Wine Jug

An elegant, hammered, lidded jug or pitcher from the German manufacturer. Second-hand.

J Larquie Bordeaux Blue Glass Soda Siphon

A French soda siphon in a vibrant blue glass. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Salt Glazed Milk Jug

A medium sized, blue, green and brown, salt-glazed jug with curled handle, by the collectable British potter. Second-hand.

J Eardley of Sheffield Blue Glass Soda Siphon

A mid 20th Century, blue, glass soda siphon from Sheffield. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Heart Shaped Salt Glaze Jug

A medium-sized, blue and green, salt-glazed jug with curled handle, by the collectable British potter Jane Hamlyn. Second-hand.

Delft 1970s Blue & White Curacao Bottle

A tall, branded decanter or flask with stopper, for the Chobolobo Curaçao Distillery. Second-hand.

Crown Ducal Charlotte Rhead Large Pink Trailing Leaf Jug

A large, 1930s jug designed by Charlotte Rhead in her Trailing Leaf pattern. Second-hand.

Joseph Sankey & Sons Art Nouveau Copper Lidded Pot

A handmade, Edwardian copper pot with an embossed, Art Nouveau design known as "Willow". Second-hand.

Spada French Blue Glass Soda Siphon

A mid 20th Century, blue, glass soda siphon from France, marked SPADA AMIENS. Second-hand.

CGSM French Blue Glass Soda Siphon

A mid 20th Century, blue, glass soda siphon from France. Second-hand.

Daure Fils Bordeaux Orange Glass Soda Siphon

An early 20th Century soda siphon in rare, orange or peach-coloured glass. Second-hand.

Albin Müller for Eduard Hueck Copper Kettle or Samovar

A circa 1903, handmade copper kettle or samovar, designed by Albin Müller for the German manufacturer Eduard Hueck. Second-hand.

Art Nouveau Jugendstil Copper & Brass Pitcher

A handmade, tall, copper and brass, lidded jug or pitcher from the early 20th century. Second-hand.

Art Nouveau Copper & Brass Claret Jug Trophy

A handmade, copper and brass claret jug, engraved with a dedication from 1909. Second-hand.

Nagel Handmade Enamelled & Engraved Pitcher

A tall and elegant, beautifully hand-decorated, glass jug or pitcher. Second-hand.

Handmade Studio Pottery Flagon

A large, handmade, stoneware bottle or flagon, with rich brown glaze and signed by the artist. Second-hand.

Dinant Hammered Copper and Brass Flagon

A handmade, hammered copper and brass flagon from Dinant in Belgium, where copper and brass has been worked since the middle ages. Second-hand.

Victorian Hand Made Green Glass Claret Jug

A hand blown, hand painted, glass jug with stopper. Second-hand.

Sandland Martell Brandy Jug

An unusual item of 1960s, Staffordshire advertising. Second-hand.

Jennie Gilbert Mishima Jug

A beautifully decorated pitcher using Japanese and Korean slipware techniques. Second-hand.

Victorian Blue & Black Round Jug With Pewter Lid

A round lidded jug with hand painted star decoration and sea serpent thumb-lift. Second-hand.

Ian Gregory Salt Glazed Watering Can

A blue and brown, salt glazed watering can by ceramic artist Ian Gregory. Second-hand.

Small Blue Hand-Painted Glass Jug

A small, beautifully-decorated glass jug. Second-hand.

Jane Hamlyn Salt Glazed Beaky Jug

A superb, blue and grey saltglaze jug by Jane Hamlyn, with curled handle and long, beaky spout. Second-hand.

Shelley Blue and Grey Harmony Art Ware Jug

A blue and grey striped, harmony ware jug by Shelley of Staffordshire. Second-hand.