Kodak Pocket No. 1 Camera Series II

An impressive folding camera and accessories, made for use with Eastman Kodak's Autographic 120 film during the 1920s. Second-hand.
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What's for sale?

This is the Kodak No.1 Series II pocket folding camera. It was made in the United States by Eastman Kodak during the 1920s. It's a well-made, solid piece of equipment, so you would have needed quite a large pocket. The all-metal body is in black with a soft, silk-effect covering.

It uses 120 film, which is a fairly large, 60mm x 90mm negative and is still available in 2019. Many early Kodaks were intended to be used with their Autographic film, which has a paper backing. Text can be scratched on to it before being exposed to sunlight.  Earlier Kodaks provided a metal stylus and holder for that purpose, but this particular model did not.

This camera also comes with a remote shutter release, a leather and canvas  soft case with strap and a lens hood with it's own case. The lens hood looks more recent, perhaps from the 1960s or 1970s.

Some notes on functionality:

  • There is a manual film winder on the top and a red viewing window on the back to see how much film remains.
  • This was in Kodak's Autographic range of cameras, so there is a cover on the back which slides down to reveal part of the negative.
  • To open the main door, roll the knurled catch in the top centre and pull the door open until the two support arms lock.
  • Pull the metal knob below the lens to manually move the lens forward until it locks on the catch at the front.
  • Below the lens, at the front of the door is a knurled nut which can be moved along the thread to set the distance. Turn this while using the scale in feet and meters, found on the opposite side of the lens. This moves the deck on the inside of the door back and forth.
  • The shutter release is at the 10 o'clock position when facing the lens.
  • Above the lens is the shutter speed slider with markers T, B, 25 and 50.
  • Below the lens is the f-stop slider with markers f-6.3, 8, 11, 16, 22, 32
  • To close, press against the metal tab at the 5 o'clock position to release the lens from the catch. Now push backwards on the metal knob beneath the lens.
  • To shut the door, first make sure the deck has been retracted using the knurled nut and then press down on the support arms to unlock them and close the door until the catch locks.
  • To insert and remove the film, a sliding catch button releases one end of the body, which can then be pivoted away for complete removal.

More information can be found at http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Pocket_Kodak_No._1_series_II

Who made it and when?

It was made by Eastman Kodak from around 1921 to 1931. The front of the support leg, visible on the door, has the Art Deco style KODAK logo. On the inside is another KODAK logo inside a circle.

Around the lens is printed:

  • kodex no 1 (around the EKC logo)
  • F6.3 105 mm
  • kodak anastigmat
  • no. 51791
  • shutter made in rochester n.y. u.s.a.by
  • eastman kodak co.
  • 29056

Beneath the lens is printed:

  • no. 1 pocket kodak
  • made in the U.S.A by
  • eastman kodak
  • company
  • rochester. n.y.

On the back is an impressed logo which reads:

  • Use Kodak film
  • No
  • A120

What condition is it in?

We collect old cameras as ornaments for display. We have not tested it with film and cannot state that it is light-proof and still a working camera. It appears to function correctly throughout. We allow returns on all our items;  please see our Terms and conditions for details.

  • Second-hand
  • In very good condition
  • The red viewing window is a little scuffed but is undamaged
  • The Autographic film cover slides open and closed correctly
  • The door release slider for the back opens and locks
  • The reel is present and the winder works
  • The roller catch opens the main door and locks when it is closed
  • The door opens correctly, can be locked open and then released
  • The viewfinder and mirror are clean and pivot correctly (they are sprung slightly)
  • The lens and bellows pull out, can be locked, released and closed again
  • The threaded distance mechanism works correctly
  • The bellows are a little worn but appear to be intact
  • The support leg pivots and stays in the open and closed positions
  • The lens cover is clean and undamaged
  • The shutter works and seems to match the speed set by the slider
  • The f-stop slider works
  • The back of the lens seems clean and undamaged
  • The remote shutter release works
  • The carry strap on the camera is intact and working
  • The canvas case and strap is worn but still usable
  • The leather piping on the case is very worn

What are the measurements?

  • 17cm high (6.75 inches)
  • 8cm wide, not including the winder (just under 3.25 inches)
  • 3cm deep folded (under 1.25 inches)
  • 14cm deep fully extended (5.5 inches)
  • 685 grams (camera only)

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Materialmetal and glass
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