Large Brown Leather Military Map Bag

A large, leather military map bag with multiple compartments. Second-hand.
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What's for sale?

This is a leather, military map case. It's good quality and makes an excellent, robust and characterful, multi-purpose bag that's ideal for commuting, travel and walking.

It has a fold-over flap, secured at the front by a strap passing through a rectangular, metal hoop. Inside are two small pockets, a gatefold display pocket and a large, main compartment at the back.

The two small pockets are different in shape and size, but both are protected by their own flap. The top one is 85mm x 95mm x 15mm (3" x 3.5" x 0.5"), the lower is 190mm x 70mm x 15mm (7.5" x 2.75" x 0.5").

Next is the map pocket, which is full-height, double-width and clear-fronted. It's secured at the side by a large pop fastener and when opened, folds out to simultaneously display and protect its contents. A cotton flap offers some privacy and prevents the plastic from sticking to itself. Opened, it measures 405mm x 255mm (16" x 10").  When closed it can act as two separate pockets.

The main compartment is almost the full height and width of the bag and can accommodate 200mm x 260mm x 50mm (7.75" x 10.25" x 2").

The leather shoulder strap can be adjusted in length and is attached to the bag by two carabiners and two brass D rings.

Our photographs show a map, 10" tablet, 5" phone and plastic card to demonstrate the bag's size.

Who made it and when?

It was made for the Russian or Hungarian military in the 1960's or 70's. It's well made and we think it's superior to the more commonly-found, plastic map cases made more recently for the Czech military.

What condition is it in?

  • Second-hand
  • In reasonable condition
  • It's been cleaned but it's old and has been used well
  • The corners show wear, and there are marks, nicks and staining all over
  • The upper, small pocket is missing one half of the pop fastener, so can't be locked shut
  • The plastic is intact but has come away from the top dozen stitches at top left

What are the measurements?

  • 27cm high
  • 21.5cm wide
  • 4cm depth empty
  • 875 grams

The mannequin dress form in the pictures is around size 10-12.

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