Carstens Fat Lava Orange & Brown Square Planter 7152-19

A medium-sized, square, fat lava planter by German manufacturer Carstens Tönnieshof. Second-hand.

Solid Silver Chainmail Mesh Coin Purse

A small, antique, hallmarked, solid silver, mesh evening wear coin purse with decorative tassels. Second-hand.

Solid Silver Chainmail Mesh Evening Bag & Coin Purse

An antique, French, hallmarked solid silver, mesh evening bag, with external coin purse attached by a figural 'X' chain. Second-hand.

Val St. Lambert Berncastel Cut Crystal Wine Glasses in Five Colours

A set of five, high quality, cut-to-clear, crystal wine glasses in five different colours, made by the renowned Belgian glass maker. Second-hand.

WMF Wächtersbach Blue-Grey Art Nouveau Art Deco Teapot Stand

A round, metal and ceramic teapot stand from the collectable German manufacturer WMF, with a blue-grey pattern, circled by a string of reddish-brown diamond shapes. Second-hand.

TINY Hong Kong Ocean Park Blue Toy Cable Car with Tower

A boxed, metal and plastic, scale model toy of one of the Hong Kong Ocean Theme Park cable cars, in blue and with cable tower. Second-hand.

Spritzdekor Metal & Ceramic Yellow Flower Coasters

Six small, metal and ceramic coasters with part-airbrushed, yellow flower design. Most likely from Austria, Czech Bohemia, Germany or Hungary. Second-hand.

St Raphaël Aperitif Twin-Branded Red & White Glass Ashtray

A rarer, twin-branded glass ashtray for St Raphaël aperitif and Café 2000 of Petite Forêt. Made in France by the Magnier glassworks. Second-hand.

Art Nouveau Jugendstil Secession Bottle & Glass Coasters Stand or Trays

A pair of small, round, antique, metal and ceramic serving trays, stands or coasters in the Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, Secessionist style. Second-hand.

Suze White & Blue Glass Ashtray

A vintage, white glass ashtray, with blue transfer, brand advertising for the French aperitif Suze. Second-hand.

Huntley & Palmers Beatrix Potter Tom Kitten Biscuit Tin

A 1980s, collectible metal, Beatrix Potter tin for Huntley & Palmers biscuits. Second-hand.

The Yacht Beverage Co Exeter Stoneware Bottle

An original, Victorian, stoneware ginger beer or mineral water bottle from Exeter in Devon, England. Second-hand.

Brasserie La Bourgogne Dijon Blue Glass Siphon

A French, mid 20th Century, blue, glass soda siphon, branded for the still-present restaurant Brasserie La Bourgogne, Dijon. Second-hand.

St Raphaël Apéritif Advertising Wall Sign by Charles Loupot

A 1950s, laminated, cardboard, wall-mounted, advertising bar sign and thermometer for the French liqueur brand. Second-hand.

Huntley & Palmers Cocktail Biscuit Tin

A vintage 1960s, branded metal tin for Huntley & Palmers cocktail biscuits. Second-hand.

Edwardian Hobnail Pattern Green Glass Sugar Shaker or Sugar Sifter

An Edwardian, pressed, green, hobnail pattern, glass sugar shaker with threaded brass top. Second-hand.

Ciro Music Treble Clef Brooch

A signed, clear rhinestone and white-metal brooch by the well-known and long-standing, British costume jewellery maker. Second-hand.

Embassy Loud Tone Gramophone Needle Tin

A vintage, red, metal gramophone needle tin with a wind-up record player design, from mid 20th Century England. Second-hand.

McVitie & Price's Digestive Biscuit Tin

A 1930s, lithographed, metal biscuit tin from the world famous Scottish company McVitie & Price. Second-hand.

The CAMWAL Table Waters Stoneware Bottle

An original, circa 1870, stoneware mineral water bottle from Victorian Britain, made by Doulton & Co of Lambeth, London. Second-hand.

Songster Bronze Gramophone Needle Tin

A vintage, blue and orange, metal gramophone needle tin from the British "Songster" brand, with their silhouetted songbird logo. Second-hand.

Hailwood's Dairy Manchester Medium Cream Pot

A medium sized, stoneware dairy cream pot with a brown glazed top, from early 20th century Britain. Second-hand.

Brugge Kunststad - Vintage Guide Book of Bruges from 1930

An original, second-hand, Dutch language, 1930 guide book for the beautiful, Flemish city of Bruges.

Wooden Vintage Radio Money Box

A small, handmade, wooden money box with original, vintage radio styling. Second-hand.

Steuler Keramik Small Blue & Brown Fat Lava Vase

A small, hand decorated, fat lava vase from 1960s West Germany. Second-hand.

Hand-painted Alpine Cable Car Charm

An unusual, hand-painted, alpine cable car charm, suitable for a bracelet or fine necklace. Second-hand.

Green and Yellow Perrier Bottle Cap Ashtray

A vintage, ceramic, branded advertising ashtray from the 1970s to 1980s. Made in France for the French mineral water brand Perrier. Second-hand.

Broadcast Loud Tone Gramophone Needle Tin

A vintage, red, metal gramophone needle tin from the "Broadcast" brand. Second-hand.

Suze Ashtray

A vintage, ceramic, Suze brand advertising ashtray, made in France by Orchies Moulin des Loups, for the French aperitif Suze. Second-hand.

Silver Bagpipes Charm

An out-of-the-ordinary, hand-painted, solid silver bagpipes charm. It's suitable for a bracelet or fine necklace. Second-hand.

Silver Ship in a Bottle Charm

A small and ship-shape, solid silver charm of a model sailing ship in a transparent tube. It's suitable for a bracelet or fine necklace. Second-hand.

Silver Oyster Shell Charm

This is a vintage, solid silver oyster shell charm, containing what looks like a pearl. It's suitable for a bracelet or fine necklace. Second-hand.

Silver Ten Shilling Note Charm

A vintage silver charm holding an old, "emergency" Ten shilling note. It's suitable for a bracelet or fine necklace. Second-hand.

Rototherm Red Bakelite Dual Scale Desk Thermometer

A mid-20th century Rototherm desktop thermometer in rare red Bakelite and with dual readings in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Second-hand.

Price & Kensington Blue Sheep Design Spaghetti Jar With Lid

A collectable, hand-painted Price Kensington spaghetti jar with lid, in their spongeware blue sheep design. Second-hand.

Price & Kensington Blue Sheep Design Tea Storage Jar With Lid

A collectable, hand-painted Price Kensington tea jar with lid, in their spongeware, blue sheep design. Second-hand.

WMF & Max Roesler Art Deco Modernist Teapot

An early 20th century, German, metal and ceramic teapot or hot water jug. Second-hand.

Blue Glass Apothecary Bottle With Label

An original, blue, glass dye bottle from France. 15cm or 6" tall. Second-hand.

WMF Wächtersbach Art Deco Blue Pansies Biscuit Box

An early 20th century, metal and ceramic biscuit box, from the Wächtersbach art and design workshops created by Christian Neureuther. Second-hand.

Gilbey's Ashtray

A handmade, pale-blue, brand advertising ashtray, produced by James Green & Nephews Ltd for Gilbey's, the famous wine and spirits merchant. Second-hand.

Cinque Ports Green and Brown Coffee Pot with Cups and Saucers

A coffee pot with two cups and saucers from the Cinque Ports Pottery in Rye. Second-hand.

Large Bouillon Kub Tin

A large, metal, display tin from France, for retailing of the powdered bouillon mix. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton Crystal "Manhattan" Tumblers

A boxed set of four large, vertically-cut crystal tumblers. Second-hand.

Chinese Canton Enamelled Pedestal Dish

A handmade and hand painted, enamel on copper pedestal dish from late 19th century China. Second hand.

Kastrup Holmegaard Princess Liqueur Glasses

A set of four, handmade "Princess" liqueur glasses designed in 1957 by Danish architect Brent Severin. Second-hand.

Kastrup Holmegaard Princess Liqueur Glasses

A set of four, handmade "Princess" liqueur glasses designed by Danish architect Brent Severin in 1957. Second-hand.

Tibetan 19th Century Monk's Cap Copper & Brass Ewer

A large, handmade, copper and brass jug or pitcher. Second-hand.

WMF AK & CIE Art Nouveau Polished Pewter Visiting Card Tray

A beautiful and highly representative, Art Nouveau or Jugendstil design found in the 1906 WMF catalogue. Second-hand.

Silver Red Rose of Lancashire Charm

This is a small, Sterling silver and enamel charm depicting the red rose of Lancashire. Second-hand.

WMF Art Nouveau Jugendstil Silver Plated Claret Jug

A tall, slim and elegant, lidded claret jug or pitcher from the renowned German manufacturer. Second-hand.