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Booths of Staffordshire 1920s "Green Dragon" Platter

A 1920s, Staffordshire, oval serving platter with green, oriental dragon design. 15.75 inch \ 40cm across. Second-hand.

Ridgway "Deak" Blue & White Serving Platter

A medium-sized, 39cm or 15 inch, Victorian, oval serving platter from the Ridgway Pottery in Staffordshire. Second-hand.

Portmeirion Red Dragon Pie Dish

A shallow pie dish in the hard to find Portmeirion range. Second-hand.

Royal Cauldon "Victoria" Oval Serving Platter

A 15 inch (38cm), floral-patterned, Staffordshire, oval serving platter. Second-hand.

Ashworth Bros. Large Blue and White Indian Tree Platter

A very large, 18" oval, Victorian serving platter by Ashworth Brothers of Hanley, Staffordshire. Second-hand.

Theodor Paetsch 1930s "Spritzdekor" Cake Platter

A 1930s, Art Deco, German, round cake platter with orange and yellow orange spray-painted decoration. Second-hand.

Art Deco Orange Glass Bowl

A finely detailed, Art Deco, pressed glass bowl. Second hand.

Large 19th Century Japanese Arita Charger

A beautifully decorated, hand-painted, large, 46cm or 18", porcelain bowl or charger. Second-hand.

Wood & Sons Large "Venice" Oval Platter

A large, Edwardian, 20 inch, oval serving platter by Wood & Sons. Second-hand.

Wedgwood & Co "Burleigh" Large Oval Serving Platter

An Edwardian large, 16 inch, oval serving platter by Wedgwood & Co. Second-hand.

Wedgwood Oval "Avonmore" Platter

A medium-sized, 13.5 inch, oval serving platter by Wedgwood. Second-hand.

Royal Crown Derby "Derby Peacock Blue" Oval Platter

A 13 inch, Victorian, Blue and White, oval serving platter. Second-hand.

F Winkle & Co Large Oval "Rothesay" Platter

An Edwardian, 16" or 40cm, oval serving platter by F. Winkle & Co. Second-hand.

W A Adderley "Brugge" Oval Serving Platter

A medium-sized, oval, Victorian serving platter made by W A Adderley of Longton, Staffordshire. Second-hand.

George Davidson Amber Cloud Glass Pattern 9421 Plate

An 11 inch plate from George Davidson's amber Cloud Glass range. Second hand.

Mason's Large Oval "Red Vista" Serving Platter

A 1940s, 15-inch or 38cm, oval serving platter. Second-hand.

Wedgwood Large Oval Victorian Serving Platter

This is a large, Vicorian serving platter or dish. An oval platter by Wedgwood at 19 inch or 48cm across. Second-hand.

Cinque Ports Brown Leaf Design Oval Platter

An oval platter from the Cinque Ports Pottery in Rye. Second-hand.

Slipware Studio Pottery Shallow Pie Dish

A shallow, hand-made, earthenware pie dish with dragged, slip decoration. Second-hand.