Royal Doulton

A brief history of Royal Doulton pottery

Royal Doulton are a world famous brand that's been manufacturing since 1815.

  • Founded in 1815 by John Doulton, Marther Jones and John Watts in Lambeth, South London
  • They began trading as Jones, Watts & Doulton
  • In 1820 the name changed to Doulton & Watts, without Marther Jones
  • In 1853, the name changed to Doulton & Co. after the retirement of John Watts
  • In 1882, they purchased a pottery factory in Burslem, Staffordshire but remained headquartered in Lambeth
  • In 1971, owners S. Pearson & Son Ltd merged Doulton & Co. with Allied English Potteries
  • The merged company included the brand names:
    • Royal Doulton
    • Minton
    • Beswick
    • Dunn Bennett
    • Booths
    • Colclough
    • Royal Albert
    • Royal Crown Derby
    • Paragon
    • Ridgway
    • Queen Anne
    • Royal Adderley
    • Royal Adderley Floral
  • In 1993 the group was renamed as Royal Doulton plc
  • In 2005 all brands taken over by Waterford Wedgwood
  • In 2009 Waterford Wedgwood went into administration
  • In 2015 Waterford Wedgwood was taken over by Finnish company Fiskars Corporation

Identification of Royal Doulton pottery

A modern Royal Doulton mark from their Palladio range
A modern Royal Doulton mark from their Palladio range

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Royal Doulton

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The CAMWAL Table Waters Stoneware Bottle

An original, circa 1870, stoneware mineral water bottle from Victorian Britain, made by Doulton & Co of Lambeth, London. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton Crystal "Manhattan" Tumblers

A boxed set of four large, vertically-cut crystal tumblers. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton Cobalt Blue Stoneware Jug

A beautiful, bright blue, signed, stoneware jug from the 1920s. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton Blue Lily Partington Vase

A signed, tubelined vase from the 1920s, with a design by Lily Partington. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton "Manhattan" Crystal Tumblers

An unused, boxed set of four straight-cut crystal tumblers. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton Palladio One Pint Bone China Teapot

A high quality, unused, bone china teapot for one or two persons from the world famous, English maker Royal Doulton. Second-hand.