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Edwardian Hobnail Pattern Green Glass Sugar Shaker or Sugar Sifter

An Edwardian, pressed, green, hobnail pattern, glass sugar shaker with threaded brass top. Second-hand.

Jeannette Jadeite Green Glass Flour Shaker

A small, American flour shaker or sifter. Second-hand.

Jeannette Jadeite Green Glass Salt Shaker

An American salt shaker from the 1930s or 1940s. Second-hand.

Jeannette Jadeite Green Glass Sugar Shaker

A small, American sugar shaker, caster or sifter. Second-hand.

Art Deco Hand Hammered Pewter Sugar Shaker

A tall, obelisk form, sugar shaker, caster or sifter, in food-safe, leadless, English pewter. Second-hand.

Bretby Blue & White Sugar Shaker

A large, 1930s, ceramic sugar shaker or caster by Bretby Art Pottery. Second-hand.

Bernard Rice's Sons Inc Silver Plated "Apollo" Cocktail Shaker

An American, hand beaten, silver-plated cocktail shaker from the 1920s. Second-hand.

Derby S P Hand Beaten Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker

An American, silver plated, hand beaten, cocktail shaker from the early 20th century. Second-hand.

Viner's Craftsman Sheffield Pewter Sugar Shaker

A hand hammered, large sugar shaker or caster, in English, leadless pewter and from the 1920s or 1930s. Second-hand.

Hand Hammered Pewter Sugar Shaker

A hammered sugar caster or shaker in leadless English pewter, with threaded top. Second-hand.

Phil Yordy Flour Dredger

A studio pottery flour caster or dredger by Canadian potter Phil Yordy. Second-hand.

Souvenir Toronto CN Tower Cocktail Shaker

A glass and plastic novelty cocktail shaker from Canada. Second-hand.

Pifco Battery Powered Cocktail Mixer

A 1960s, glass and chrome cocktail shaker with electronic mixer. Second-hand.

Royal Brierley "Honeysuckle" Crystal Sugar Shaker

A Dartington Crystal, cut-glass sugar caster with silver plated lid and collar. Second-hand.

Gladwin Ltd Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker

A glamorous, vintage silver plated, cocktail shaker from 1920s or 1930s England, complete with spout and original fittings. Second-hand.

Pewter Art Deco Style Sugar Shaker

A stylish sugar caster made from lead-free, English pewter. Second-hand.

Kingsway Silver Plated Cocktail Shaker by William Suckling

A 1930s silver plated, English cocktail shaker with lemon reamer, spout and handle. Second-hand.

Sugar Shaker with "The Fens" Pattern

A porcelain sugar caster decorated with an English rural scene called "The Fens". Second-hand.

Art Nouveau Cut Glass Sugar Shaker

An Edwardian century cut-glass sugar caster with silver plated lid and collar. Second-hand.

Midwinter Oriental Sugar Shaker

A rare, oriental pattern, Staffordshire sugar caster by Midwinter. Second-hand.

Walker & Hall Silver-plated Sugar Shaker

A Victorian or Edwardian era, silver-plated sugar shaker or caster made by Walker & Hall. Second-hand.

T G Green Streamline Sugar Sifter

An earthenware sugar shaker made by T.G Green. Second-hand.

Midwinter Brama Sugar Shaker

A Staffordshire sugar caster in Midwinter's "Brama" pattern. Second-hand.