Our shop "3bc Vintage" offers this unique selection of antique and collectable items in solid silver.

  • We have silver-mounted bottles and wallets, plus solid silver pill boxes, trinket boxes, scent bottle holders and sleeves.

  • We also have candlesticks in solid silver and silver plate, so have a look at our Ornamental Candlesticks department

  • You can also find Sterling silver jewellery among our Fine Jewellery collection.
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Tom Young Silver and Blue Overlaid Glass Scent Bottle

A beautifully-worked, glass scent bottle with hallmarked silver collar by the Scottish glassmaker. Second-hand.

Arthur Wilmore Pennington Silver Scent Bottle Holder

A Victorian, Sterling silver scent bottle holder with original scent bottle. Second-hand.

Miller Brothers Sterling Silver and Glass Scent Bottle

A Victorian glass scent bottle with hallmarked, Sterling silver top, by Miller Brothers of Birmingham. Second-hand.

Edwardian Leather Wallet with Silver Mounts

An Edwardian leather and silver mounted wallet made by Corke Brothers & Company. Second-hand.

Henry Matthews Pierced Solid Silver Scent Bottle and Holder

A Victorian perfume bottle and pierced, solid Sterling silver sleeve, hallmarked for 1901. Second-hand.

Sterling Silver Sweetie Pill Box

A hallmarked, modern pill box in solid Sterling silver. Second-hand.

Robert Pringle & Sons Pierced Sterling Silver Scent Bottle Holder

A 1901, Chester hallmarked, Victorian, Sterling silver perfume and scent bottle holder. Second-hand.