Silver Ten Shilling Note Charm

A vintage silver charm holding an old, "emergency" Ten shilling note. It's suitable for a bracelet or fine necklace. Second-hand.
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A vintage, silver ten shilling note charm

This is a vintage, silver charm for a bracelet or necklace containing an old, "emergency", British Ten shilling note. It's a little piece of English monetary history which you can wear.

A ten shilling or 'ten bob' note, has been rolled and folded up and placed into a small plastic transparent tube. As it only weighs 2 grams, it is a perfect size to hang from a charm bracelet or a fine chain necklace.

The note was in circulation from 1928 and was withdrawn on 20th November 1970. It was replaced with a seven-sided coin: the 50 pence piece, so the charm is probably from the 1970s, which also matches its condition.

It isn't hall-marked, but we have tested it positively as silver.

A second-hand, vintage, silver bracelet charm

  • Second-hand
  • In very good condition
  • Acid-tested to be silver
  • The silver is pitted and tarnished in places
  • The paper and plastic are yellowed from age

Dimensions of a ten shilling note charm

  • 2cm high/drop
  • 1cm diameter
  • 2 grams

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