Swatch "Goldeneye" Skin Chronograph Watch

A lightweight, James Bond collection, Swatch chronograph with thin, brown leather strap. Model SUYB102, from 2002. New old stock. 90 day warranty.
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What's for sale?

This is the Swatch "Goldeneye" chronograph watch from their 2002 Spring and Summer collection. It's one of their James Bond specials, model number SUYB102.

It's a man's watch, with a 38mm wide case. And as a Skin watch it's lightweight, with a resin case that's less than 7mm thick. Like all Swatch chronographs it's a stopwatch with Split Time and Add Time functions (please see below). The Skin chronographs have a different layout to the Irony watches: there's no large second hand, so the stopwatch uses the small function dial at 6 o'clock instead.

The dial is in a brushed, metallic gold colour with gold-coloured numerals in relief and white hour, minute and second markers. The hands are black. 

The case, function buttons and buckle are in black resin. The leather strap is faced in a rich brown imprinted with a crocodile-effect pattern. Printed on the retaining loop is "007™" and underneath the fastening holes, "Goldeneye™ 1995".

As a James Bond watch it's very collectable, and with the lightweight case and strap, it's comfortable to wear.

Inside is a reliable ETA quartz movement, powered by a 377 battery. The original packaging is included.

How does a Swatch chronograph work?

The stopwatch uses the three small dials. The dial at six o'clock records the seconds, the one at top left records minutes, and top right records tenths of a second, although it waits until the stopwatch stops before showing the tenths that were recorded.

The button at 2 o'clock is used to start and stop the timer. Use the button at 4 o'clock to reset the timer to zero. However, if you restart the timer without resetting it, it will restart from where it stopped and add the times together.

The button at 4 o'clock resets the timer to zero when timing has been stopped by the upper button. But it will also give you a split time if you use this button to stop the timer instead.  Split timing freezes the stopwatch so you can read the time but carries on timing internally, the hands will catch up when you restart with this button.

The main crown at 3 o'clock is used to set the time and recalibrate the chronograph dials.

The original manual is included.  Using the stopwatch functions are straightforward, but if you need to recalibrate the dials (e.g. if they weren't at zero when changing the battery), then this is also covered. A pdf version of their chronograph instructions is available from Swatch.

What condition is it in?

  • New-old-stock (it's old, but has never been retailed)
  • In very good condition
  • The strap is bent from being fitted inside the packaging
  • Our watches are stored running with batteries fitted but a new battery will be fitted prior to dispatch
  • The Swatch warranty has expired, but ours has not

This watch is covered by our 90 day warranty. Please see our Terms of Business for details.

What are the measurements?

  • 3.5mm case width
  • 1.5cm strap width
  • 23.5cm strap length
  • 19 grams

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