Tall Stemmed Glass Tulip Bowl

A unique, hand-blown tulip-shaped glass bowl on a twisted stem. Second-hand.
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What's for sale?

This is a large, unique, handblown, tulip-shaped glass bowl.

It has a flared rim, a deep bowl which has been shaped into eight segments and a thick, twisted stem beneath.

In making this, the artist has used several different techniques and it's quite possibly the unique showpiece for a talented glassblower's skill.

What condition is it in?

  • Second-hand
  • Undamaged
  • Visible air bubbles from manufacture

What are the measurements?

  • The rim is 17.5cm across
  • The bowl is 10cm deep
  • The stem is 12cm long and 4cm at its widest
  • The foot is 13cm in diameter
  • It's 25cm high
  • 1.5 kilos

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