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Royal Doulton Crystal "Manhattan" Tumblers

A boxed set of four large, vertically-cut crystal tumblers. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton "Manhattan" Crystal Tumblers

An unused, boxed set of four straight-cut crystal tumblers. Second-hand.

Sowerby Four Green Glass Tumblers

A set of four green glass Art Deco style glasses, made by Sowerby for their pattern 2550 Water Set. Second-hand.

Green Footed Glass Jug and Glasses

A large, glass jug with green handle and foot and four matching glasses. Second-hand.

Green Glass Jug and Tumblers

A large, shapely, green glass jug with five matching glasses. Second-hand.

Pall Mall Crystal Shot Glasses

A set of four small crystal spirit glasses etched in the Pall Mall style. Second-hand.

Etched Glass Tumblers

A set of four glass tumblers with etched fruit pattern. Second-hand.

Edwardian Etched Glass Tumblers

A second-hand set of five Victorian or Edwardian glass tumblers with etched grape design. Second-hand.