Our shop "3bc Vintage" has a unique selection of antique and second-hand, collectable vases for sale.

  • We stock many styles and periods: from Art Nouveau and Art Deco, through mid 20th century, the 1960s, the 1970s and later.

  • We stock handmade vases from the smaller studio potteries plus glass and ceramic vases from the major factories of the past.

  • We also have German "lava" ceramics of the 1960s and 1970s, from factories like Scheurich, Dümler & Breiden and Carstens.
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Carstens Fat Lava Orange & Brown Square Planter 7152-19

A medium-sized, square, fat lava planter by German manufacturer Carstens Tönnieshof. Second-hand.

Steuler Keramik Small Blue & Brown Fat Lava Vase

A small, hand decorated, fat lava vase from 1960s West Germany. Second-hand.

Scheurich Green & Brown Striped Lava Vase

A medium-sized, hand decorated, striped vase from 1970s West Germany. Second-hand.

Edward Radford Hand-Painted Vase

An attractive vase from the collectible Staffordshire pottery, decorated by hand in their OS pattern. Second-hand.

Blue Drip Glaze Studio Pottery Vase

A signed, medium-sized, handmade vase, decorated in an irregular pattern of blues, golds and yellows. Second-hand.

Scheurich Large Banded Lava Glaze Vase

A large, hand decorated, striped vase from 1970s West Germany. Second-hand.

Scheurich Keramik Tall Yellow Vase

A large, brightly coloured, hand made vase from 1970s West Germany. Second-hand.

Crown Ducal Large Chintz Vase

A classic, large, English vase from around 1920. Second-hand.

Royal Doulton Blue Lily Partington Vase

A signed, tubelined vase from the 1920s, with a design by Lily Partington. Second-hand.

Scheurich Keramik Green, Ochre And White Vase

A medium-sized, hand decorated, striped vase from 1970s West Germany. Second-hand.

New Hall Boumier Ware Lucien Boullemier Vase

An apple green, lustreware, trumpet vase from New Hall Pottery. Second-hand.

Scheurich Keramik 1970s Green And White Vase

A medium-sized, hand decorated vase from 1970s West Germany. Second-hand.

Jasba Keramik 1960s Hand Decorated Vase

A small, hand decorated vase from 1960s West Germany. Second-hand.

Chris Carter Brown Spiral Glaze Vase

A British studio pottery vase with spiral decoration in browns and creams. Second-hand.

Dümler and Breiden Striped Earth Tone Vase

A medium-sized vase by the German manufacturer with beautifully-glazed, horizontal stripes. Second-hand.

Denby Burlington Rainbow Skittle Vase

A multi-coloured, stoneware vase from the Burlington range, designed by Albert Colledge in 1958. Second-hand.

Karl Schmid Handblown Glass Vase

A very small, multi-coloured, bottle-form vase by the well-regarded German designer and glassblower. Second-hand.

Victorian Pink Hand-Painted Glass Vase

A small, handblown glass vase in pink with floral decoration. Second-hand.

Victorian Hand-Painted Green Glass Vase

A tall, hand painted, green glass vase in a soft baluster shape. Second-hand.

Quantock Pottery Sun Design Vase

A handmade, cylindrical vase by Quantock Design pottery. Second-hand.

Dennis Townsend Iden Pottery Vase

A hand decorated vase by the English potter Dennis Townsend. Second-hand.

Val St. Lambert "Marcelle" Glass Celery Vase

A small, 1930s Art Deco vase by the Belgian glass maker. Second-hand.

Small Victorian Hand Painted Glass Vase

A small, slender, handblown and hand-decorated glass vase. Second-hand.

Dümler and Breiden Striped Vase

A medium-sized vase by the German company with a grooved pattern of horizontal lines. Second-hand.

Paul Metcalfe Round Bud Vase

A round, brown and cream bud vase by studio potter Paul Metcalfe. Second-hand.

Bob Dawe Cylinder Vase

A 1960s, handmade, cylindrical vase by Bob Dawe at his Red Barn studio. Second-hand.

Wade Tall Blue Art Deco Vase

A tall, 1940s pattern 371 handled vase or pitcher in blue, by Wade. Second-hand.

Winterling White Dimpled Porcelain Vase

A good quality, white, porcelain vase from 1950s Germany. Second-hand.

Iridescent Royal Brierley Studio Glass Vase

An iridescent vase from Royal Brierley's art glass, Studio range. Second-hand.

Humlebaek Keramik Striped Earthenware Vase

A handmade studio pottery vase by Humlebaek Keramik of Denmark. Second-hand.

Conwy Pottery Striped Bud Vase

A brown and cream striped vase by Conwy Pottery. Second-hand.

Bob Dawe Studio Pottery Slab Vase

A rectangular, slab-sided vase, hand-made by studio potter Bob Dawe. Second-hand.

Art Deco Semi-Circular Vase

A semi-circular green-glazed vase. Second-hand.