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The CAMWAL Table Waters Stoneware Bottle

An original, circa 1870, stoneware mineral water bottle from Victorian Britain, made by Doulton & Co of Lambeth, London. Second-hand.

Myott Son & Co Argyle Victorian Green & White Jug

A medium-sized, Staffordshire china jug from Victorian England. Second-hand.

Crofton's Stores Large Stoneware Cream Pot

A large, Victorian dairy cream pot from late 19th, or early 20th century Britain. Second-hand.

Sharwood Green Label Stoneware Curry Paste Pot

A 6 ounce retail jar from mid 20th century Britain. Second-hand.

Rochdale & Oldham Stoneware Mineral Water Bottle

A Victorian or early 20th century, stoneware mineral water bottle, from northern Britain. Second-hand.

F.J. Reece Pure Botanic Beer Bottle

A stoneware, alcohol-free, botanical beer bottle, from Victorian or early 20th century Wales. Second-hand.

Keswick School Arts & Crafts Copper Chamberstick

An original, Arts & Crafts, copper chamberstick from the Keswick School of Industrial Art in Britain's Lake District. Second-hand.

Victorian Brass Hot Water Can

A large, British, brass hot water can from the late 19th or early 20th centuries. Second-hand.

Ridgway "Deak" Blue & White Serving Platter

A medium-sized, 39cm or 15 inch, Victorian, oval serving platter from the Ridgway Pottery in Staffordshire. Second-hand.

Victorian Dimpled Green Glass Claret Jug

A handblown, glass jug with clear glass celery handle and large, hollow stopper. Second-hand.

Victorian Handmade Liqueur Glasses

A a set of four, small, handmade liqueur glasses, handblown and hand-painted in enamel. Second-hand.

Harry Berry Stoneware Ginger Pop Bottle

A stoneware ginger beer bottle, from early 20th century Britain. Second-hand.

Southalls' Ginger Beer Bottle

A stoneware ginger beer bottle, from early 20th century Britain. Second-hand.

Minton Lyre Pattern Pedestal Bowl

A late Victorian or Edwardian, porcelain footed bowl with attractive, transfer and hand-painted decoration. Second-hand.

Victorian Sterling Silver Sweetheart Brooch

A hallmarked, Sterling silver, sweetheart brooch in a traditional design. Second-hand.

Victorian Pink Hand-Painted Glass Vase

A small, handblown glass vase in pink with floral decoration. Second-hand.

Hukin and Heath Silver Mounted Glass Decanter

A late Victorian, glass, "glug glug" decanter with double pourer in silver, by John Thomas Heath & John Hartshorne Middleton. Second-hand.

Victorian Hand-Painted Green Glass Vase

A tall, hand painted, green glass vase in a soft baluster shape. Second-hand.

Victorian Hand Made Green Glass Claret Jug

A hand blown, hand painted, glass jug with stopper. Second-hand.

Victorian Glass Pillar Decanter

A beautifully-shaped, mould-blown, clear glass "Newcastle" decanter with original stopper. Second-hand.

Victorian Etched Spirit Glasses

A set of four large, aperitif, shot or liqueur glasses with applied ornaments and etched decoration. Second-hand.

Small Victorian Hand Painted Glass Vase

A small, slender, handblown and hand-decorated glass vase. Second-hand.

Framed Singer's Sewing Machines Pamphlet From 1891

A framed, second-hand, promotional pamphlet from Victorian London. Complete and original in a frame.

Victorian Salt Glazed Collection With Bols Amsterdam Bottle

A ready made set of Victorian salt-glazed bottles and pots including a Dutch Bols bottle and a salt-glazed ink pot. Second-hand.

Victorian Salt Glazed Collection With Ginger Beer Bottle

A collection comprising an Uckfield Brewery ginger beer bottle and several smaller pots and jars. Second-hand.

Campos Filhos and Victorian Salt Glazed Bottle Collection

A collection comprising a large, Portuguese bottle and a number of smaller, Victorian pots. Second-hand.

Arthur Wilmore Pennington Silver Scent Bottle Holder

A Victorian, Sterling silver scent bottle holder with original scent bottle. Second-hand.

Pale Cranberry Lead Crystal Wine Glasses

A set of six, Victorian, lead-crystal wine glasses in a pale cranberry-coloured glass. Second-hand.

Victorian Slice Cut Crystal Sherry or Port Glasses

A set of four 19th century, crystal glasses for sherry or port, with trumpet form and slice-cut panels. Second-hand.

Edwardian Field Glasses and Case

A small, Edwardian pair of field binoculars in their original, inscribed case. Second-hand.

Miller Brothers Sterling Silver and Glass Scent Bottle

A Victorian glass scent bottle with hallmarked, Sterling silver top, by Miller Brothers of Birmingham. Second-hand.

Edwardian Etched Glass Tumblers

A second-hand set of five Victorian or Edwardian glass tumblers with etched grape design. Second-hand.

Victorian or Edwardian Champagne Coupes

A set of six late 19th or early 20th century champagne coupes with etched flower design. Second-hand.

Hollow Stem Champagne Coupes

A set of six 19th century, lead crystal, hollow-stemmed champagne saucers. Second-hand.

Hibbert & Boughey Victorian Teacup & Saucer

A late 19th century, Victorian, hand-painted, "Gaudy Welsh" teacup and saucer from the short-lived Staffordshire pottery. Second-hand.