Wedgwood Oval "Avonmore" Platter

A medium-sized, 13.5 inch, oval serving platter by Wedgwood. Second-hand.
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What's for sale?

This is a medium-sized, oval shaped platter by Wedgwood in their green "Avonmore" pattern. At 35cm, it spans just under 14 inches.

Avonmore is a simple pattern in dark green, with the floral detail picked out in yellow, orange and light green.

Platters are a traditional way to present food and are perfect for Christmas dinner. Old china tableware can continue to be used and enjoyed, but it shouldn't be put in a dishwasher or left immersed in hot water. Wash by hand with warm water and washing-up liquid.

Who made it and when?

This was made by Josiah Wedgwood at their Etruria factory in 1905. The marks on the base read:

  • avonmore
  • wedgwood
  • etruria-england
  • A4102

It's also impressed:

  • wedgwood
  • akc

Which is the date code for April 1905. The middle K identifies the potter.

What condition is it in?

  • Second-hand
  • In fair to good condition
  • There's some staining in the glaze here and there
  • The rim is worn in a couple of places

What are the measurements?

  • 35cm long
  • 25.5cm wide
  • 1010 grams

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