WMF & Max Roesler Art Deco Modernist Teapot

An early 20th century, German, metal and ceramic teapot or hot water jug. Second-hand.
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What's for sale?

This is an attractive, modernist, German, metal and ceramic teapot or hot water jug, from around 1910 to the 1920s. WMF made the metal parts, the ceramic and overall design is by Max Roesler. The metal work is probably nickel-plated brass.

On this piece, the metalwork comprises the mounting around the rim, the top and lid, the handle and the spout. The handles are covered by wicker grips and the carry handle pivots at two points. The main handle at the side was designed not to be fixed to the ceramic, but curved so it appears to be. The front half of the lid is fixed, the back half opens and there is a small, hinged lid over the spout.

The original form of the pot is from Max Roesler (1840 - 1922), who interestingly was also the technical and commercial director at Wächtersbach until around 1890. Wächtersbach also provided ceramics for WMF and pots similar to this are listed in the 1929 WMF trade catalogue. However, the ceramic on this example was produced by the Max Roesler pottery.

Who made it and when?

It was made by WMF and Max Roesler in Germany, from around 1910 to the 1920s. The inside of the lid carries the WMF mark of a running ostrich inside a dashed arch, and the base of the pot has the impressed family crest of Max Roesler.

What condition is it in?

  • Second-hand
  • In very good condition
  • The ceramic has no chips or cracks, just tiny marks here and there
  • There is no obvious crazing
  • There are no dents in the metalwork
  • The metal finish is polished and quite highly reflective
  • The metal is faintly scratched and tarnished in many places
  • There are more obvious scratches on the underside of the lid
  • The wicker handles are complete and undamaged
  • The main lid and spout hinges work well
  • The interior is very clean

What are the measurements?

  • 16cm high to top of handle (about 6.5 inches)
  • 9.5cm to top of body of teapot (3.75 inches)
  • 19cm spout to handle (7.5 inches)
  • 421 grams

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