WMF & Max Roesler Art Deco Modernist Hot Water Jug

A rare, early 20th century, metal and ceramic hot water jug with automatic lid and modernist design by Adolf Behrmann. Second-hand.
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What's for sale?

This is a modern-looking, ceramic and metal hot water jug with weighted lid by German companies WMF and Max Roesler. The ceramic is by Max Roesler Feinsteingutfabrik, the nickel-plated metal by WMF.

It was part of a range of kitchen and table ware, and possibly available in several patterns. These pieces are rarer than their contemporaries from Wächtersbach.

We think it was made during the early 20th century. The modernist pattern is by Adolf Behrmann, a Berlin-based designer who worked with Roesler until the 1914-18 war. We don't believe this to be the highly regarded Polish artist of the same name and period.

The metal lid is described as 'automatic'. On the underside of it is a ball weight which opens it when pouring and closes it when the jug is back upright.

The form is a design by ceramist Max Roesler (1840-1922), who in 1874 became the technical and commercial director at the Wachtersbach factory. In 1893 he moved to Rodach near Coburg and  founded his own factory. Its emblem was his family coat of arms, the hedge rose, which is part of the blurred, impressed mark on the bottom of this piece.

Who made it and when?

It was made by WMF and Max Roesler Feinsteingutfabrik in Germany. The WMF mark of a running ostrich inside a rhombus and a lined arch, dates between 1910 and 1930 and reads:

  • The WMF mark
  • 68

Also impressed into the base are:

  • the Max Roesler stamp mark
  • 1/453

What condition is it in?

  • Second-hand
  • In good condition with no damage
  • The metal has a signs of wear and use both inside and out
  • The underside plating is still very good and reflective
  • The top side plating is dull in comparison
  • The lid is a good fit and the hinge and automatic closure works well
  • There is an under glaze rough patch on the top right corner from the handle
  • There is a mark on the inside of the handle
  • The transfers are not level
  • The finish is very good and there is no crazing that we can see

What are the measurements?

  • 16cm high (6.5 inches)
  • 12.5cm spout to handle (5 inches)
  • 6.5cm wide (3.25 inches)
  • 379 grams

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